Friday, August 15, 2008

Magna Note

Over the last several weeks we have all heard the thunder in the distance as the storm rolls closer and closer to MEC's ground central. The news out of Maryland that Pimlico would close to training in the end of August, along with Maryland's loss of The De Francis Dash, Laurel Futurity, The Safely Kept S. among others was ominous. But lightening struck when we learned that Frank was willing to sell at least part of Santa Anita. The news hasn't been good in Florida since Gulfstream was re-imagined as Magna's Filmore South. These are just the anchors of a failed, crumbling would-be empire that has always operated with the arrogance of ego but without vision of improving the racing product. For quite some time I have wondered what all this will mean to racing but still haven't gained the insight into how this situation can all sort itself out. But, I do imagine it will hurt both fan and horsemen in the short term and be to every one's benefit in the long run.

This morning, for the first time in weeks, I had a chance to look at a few blogs and Steve Zorn's The Business of Racing, Adieu Magna? entry is an in depth discussion of just how bad things are for Magna. I had no idea it was as desperate a picture as Steve paints. Changes are coming at high speed in the industry and for Magna it appears changes will be coming at warp speed!
Also check out the terrific photo's on Green But Game.

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