Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saratoga Sire awards for Breeder's Cup # 25

I think the best thing to do is just jot down my initial impressions of the 25th running of the B.C. in the moments following the final race as I want the immediacy of the moment to blaze my trail.

My Favorite Moment: Mig winning the Turf Sprint. One of my all-time favorite riders executing an amazing trip. Good for Him!

Best Performance: Goldikova!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Nothing more needs to be said.

Best Improvement: No Drugs!

Biggest Disappointment: Curlin losing.

Most Surprising Event: Iavorone stating that his family received death threats in the event something happened to Big Brown during the Belmont Stakes.

Biggest Question: Did Desormeaux receive death threats in the event something didn't happen to Big Brown during the Belmont?

Worst Change: The synthetic surface.

Biggest Disappointment: (I've changed my mind) Not being involved!

Worst oversight in handicapping: (The list is very long! but...) Donativum in The Juvenile Turf.

Best Horse: ZENYATTA!


Biggest Disappointment: (changed my mind again) The Synthetic surface!

Best Human Performance: Trevor Denmon. I may be a New York guy, but he's just the best! No offense Tom it's just a matter of preference, you're terrific too!

Best Training performance: Bob Baffert for Midnight Lute. WOW!

Favorite Occurrence: More World entries.

Best Ride: Garret Gomez, Midnight Lute.

Best Celebrity Appearance: Kurt Russell.

ABC/ESPN coverage C+

Get rid of Hank and get Jerry Brown for God's sake! No offense Hank it's business!

Biggest Disappointment: (I was right the first time) Curlin losing.

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