Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BB's Big Day

This morning is probably the most critical morning in Triple Crown racing in 30 years. Big Brown is scheduled for his final work, sans patch. After reading the article in the DRF about why Dutrow has decided to put off applying the patch I have to agree with his reasoning.

McKinlay added: "There's a slight, slight, slight chance that something's in there. I don't think there is. There's no seepage at all. But when you apply the methacrylic patch, a lot of heat is generated. You could get something 72 hours later."
McKinlay said the remote chance of developing a problem on Friday if a patch was applied Tuesday was not worth risking.
"If I owned the horse, I'd treat him the same way," McKinlay said.
"The longer you wait, the better for him," Dutrow said.
Both Dutrow and McKinlay said working without the patch was not an issue.
However, after looking at Barbara Livingston's picture of BB's foot I would be anything but confident about sending him out for the type of work he probably needs. I would also be worried about being able to contain him during the drill. The crack is in an area I think would be very vulnerable to a horse extending itself. But of course he needs the work and so the drama builds. And, of course, the watch won't be over after the work is over. Often it takes time for a new or worsening problem to present itself. So team IEAH will be sweating it out for a while even if all goes well Tuesday morning.

If this wasn't for all the marbles there is no way the horse would run; it wouldn't even be considered. So I have to ask; are they considering not running him? I think the thought has had to cross their minds...more than once. I'm certain there's not a racing fan out there that hasn't ruminated upon all the possible scenarios, some of them not very pleasant to think about. If he stays together and runs, win or not, let's just hope he makes it around safely. Racing doesn't need any more tragedy.

I've heard so many people speak of Casino Drive as the likeliest candidate to challenge BB that you would think there are only two horses running. I have friends coming up to me that aren't even race fans asking me about him. The power the press has over people never fails to astound me! Obviously the pedigree is there and he certainly looked terrific in the Peter Pan but he's only raced twice! As talented as he may be I think this is an awful big mountain to climb. It's possible but I just don't see it happening. At the moment I think the two most logical contenders are: Denis of Cork who seems to be on schedule to peak for the race and I still like Icabad Crane to improve some more as well as loving his pedigree. But I'll wait to see how the remainder of the week plays out before I post my picks at the end of the week.

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