Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Notes

It seemed there was a slow spot there for a few days if my blog and the others I frequent are any indication. But things do heat up quickly. High profile figures are being suspended everywhere. Asmussen gets time in Texas, Dutrow hears the knell in Kentucky and Jeremy Rose gets dismounted in Delaware (for a long time). I didn't see the Rose incident. I did read his statement. With all the bad publicity and accusations PETA made following the Eight Belles incident there would seem little to no room for allowing any jockey infraction involving any perceived cruelty to a horse. It's bad timing for Jeremy Rose. I'll suspend any personal judgement until I get to see the race myself. But the oddest case has to be Dutrow's. His horse Salute the Count tested twice as high as the legal limit for Clenbuterol. It seems as much a setup as Larry Jones to me! It could be just a mix up but I just can't believe his barn would mix things up that badly. These high profile penalties seem curious and look really bad for racing especially coming, as they are, right on the heals of the Senate hearings.

In New York Joseph Bruno has decided to step down as Majority Leader! He stated all the reasons that we expect to hear: family, satisfaction with his achievements etc... if you're the person out there who believes it write me and please include your Mars zip code. It will be very interesting to see where Mr. Bruno surfaces again! I know where I'm betting it will be. I liked the editorial in the Times Union.

On a lighter note, I can't wait to watch the Hollywood Gold Cup Saturday! Heat Seeker seems to just be getting better and better but one of my favorite old warriors, 9 year old Perfect Drift, is running and while I don't expect him to win how I would love to see it! He's making his second start for Mandella. He finished a respectable fourth in the Shoemaker Mile (gr.IT) in May. This will be the 48th start of his career! We need more horses like him.

Posts have been a bit scarce lately. In part because there hasn't been too very much compelling news and part lack of time on my part. Hopefully, both these situations will be remedied soon.

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