Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday was the unveiling of a new enterprise in racing. What makes this organization so different and unique from other's in racing is that its' goals are fan driven. Thorofan, officially went public yesterday in Saratoga Springs, NY. It's main goals are to nurture new fans and to create an organized, fan based membership that will be able to - through sheer numbers - exert some influence on industry decisions. Through track seminars and online activities Thorofan will help take the intimidation out of the activity of handicapping. It plans to promote more and frequent contact with industry personalities and through time volunteered online by their membership Thorofan plans to be a living, breathing education and research center. I certainly will be anxious to use their resources for some of my entries. Getting a response to requests for information about the industry is often a very difficult task. Thorofan promises to be a place where access and answers will be easily secured from knowledgeable, informed, interested people that are concerned about more than just a bottom line. I hope they flourish. The fan, more than any other interested party in racing, need representation. I believe, depending on the response, that satellite offices are something that is envisioned. This is a good idea that is well intentioned and should create positive results within the industry. Let's all get behind this effort and support the cause! After all it's all of our's cause!Give their homepage a look at Thorofan.

On a different subject I don't know what to make of the latest news of yet another extension for NYRA. There are apparently a few issues holding up the signing of the 25 year agreement; things such as the contract holder for the Aqueduct Racino, deed concerns etc... All I can think is that if something looks bad, smells bad and acts bad it must be bad! I wonder what's really going on? It's hard to believe that it's simply these issues as are being reported.

Looking forward to a terrific day of racing tomorrow. Especially Curlin in the Man O' War and the Swaps. Enjoy the racing. Only 12 days to SARATOGA!

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