Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Notes

An article in The Times Union by Tim Wilkin, had John Lee -NYRA's director of Communications- back stepping faster than Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk about replacing the tracks with synthetics. He says he was misinterpreted. I give him the benefit of the doubt. But, I don't think this is the last we'll hear about this issue.

The Jockey Club has appointed a seven member 'Safety Committee,' to study every aspect of the sport and how each relates to the welfare of the horse. Well there's nothing wrong with that but it's made up of people who are in the industry, have been for most of their lives and could have implemented changes and up until now haven't. In the Blood Horse report I read Greg Avioli, applauds J.C. efforts. In The Times Union article NTRA president, Alex Waldrop is doing the praising. Sometimes it just gets too much to take! I just can't stand all this backslapping for nothing. I'm not saying that something good will not come out of the findings - it better- but it smacks of the same old problem in the world: lip service and no action. Or lip service until the incident and it's after effects have blown over. ARRRRRR!

I really like where the Peter Pan has been placed, it makes a lot more sense. It should have the effect of us in NY getting to see some real nice horses at home. I'm still not crazy about The Woodward ending the Saratoga meet as opposed to opening the fall Belmont meet. As much as we all love Saratoga it already has an embarrassment of riches and it just seems a perfect way to kick off the fall racing. I think it fits into the racing calendar better as well, as the Peter Pan does now.

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